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Success Stories

Ranjita Pegu

Finding ways of earning these days is a very tough job for many, but not for those who dedicate themselves. This is the story of Ranjita Pegu Baideu of 1 no. Namoni Cherpai village of Ujani Majuli Block of Majuli district, Assam.

Ranjita Pegu, a house maker who lives in a joint family of 9 members is a ‘female farmer’ who engaged in agriculture from a long ago. But that’s not sufficient for her everyday expanses. In 2018 she joined a SHG named Banarjee Mahila formed by the initiative of NRLM in her village. She got various trainings of agriculture and livestock farming. She is one of the few farmers who got benefitted from Strawberry cultivation. Due to her strong will of farming, she also got support from SeSTA, NRLM, VO and Veterinary Department and various projects like AAROHAN. She also applied SRI technique in her 2 bigha paddy. Last year she got a profit of 30000/- Rupees (INR) from her poultry farm, Rs. 20,000/- Rupees by selling Vermi-compost and Rs. 10,000/- from Strawberry.

Currently, she owns 150 Boilers, 120 Croilers, 30 Layer hens, 2 Goats and 1 pig in her farm. She also cultivates various kinds of vegetables in her field scientifically. This year, till now, she sold more than Rs. 3000 worth of strawberry. And the best part is all are organic product.

From a irregular traditional farmer to become a Krishi Sakhi, she is supporting her family in every aspect. She proved that a house maker can do anything if they want and also inspiring many others. We are proud of her and wish her do more.