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Success Stories

Mukuta Hojaisa

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected every aspects of human life. Livelihoods being an important aspect have been largely affected especially to the rural communities. In spite of the challenges, a women named Mukuta Hojaisa has continued to inspire more Women Farmers in their locality. The case study will help us understand her whole journey during and post lockdown.

Mukuta Hojaisa, a resident of Kothalguri Village in Karbi Anglong District, Assam is one of the active member of Majangdi PG. She is the book keeper of Kothalguri SHG and President of Dhansiri Cluster Level Federation (DCLF). Being a leader, she motivates many of the SHG members to adopt different livelihood activities that SeSTA has promoted. It was in 2019, after she received training from SeSTA on SCI vegetables, she started adopting it. That year, she along with her family cultivated Long beans, Cucumber and Lady’s Finger in 0.5 bigha plot of land. She used only Organic manure and pesticides like Jeevamreet, Agniastra and Neemastra. She was able to earn a profit of Rs. 15000/- that year.

During the lockdown, she Planted Colocasia in 0.5 bigha plot of land and got 3 quintals. The total expenditure during the whole process was Rs. 2500/-. She earned Rs. 10,000/- from selling the Colocasia from which she gets a profit of Rs. 7500/-. Apart from Colocasia, she also cultivated Brinjal, Beans and Lady’s finger in 0.5 plot of land. She invested 500 for the whole process and earned a profit of Rs. 5000/-. Mukuta has always been supportive towards her family as well as the society. During the lockdown, she along with some other office bearers of the CLF has distributed relief to the more needy ones. They also did awareness on the preventive measures during the lockdown period following the covid protocol. She also was one of the panellist on the Webinar “Moi Mohila Krishok e koisu” who spoke about challenges during COVID 19 and how women farmers are overcoming it.

Mukuta Hojaisa has always set a good example to the women farmers. Lockdown did not stop her from doing what she always does. She is one of those who practice what she learned. She is a true example of how a leader should be. She also planned to cultivate vegetables this season in the same plot. Her husband has always been very supportive in all her work. SeSTA’s intervention has help her increase the product and is able to earn profit from it.